Psalm 37:25 Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly forsaken, nor seen their children begging for bread. (NLT) A huge ocean exists between the young and old. It is one of the great reasons that in every generation there is a mistrust for the aged by those who are still young. I have often kidded with the youth in my ministry that they ought to try to conquer the world while they still know everything. My ministry started 40 years ago, while I was still a young man. I have learned in those years that if you are blessed enough to live long enough, every person goes through three phases. Again, the caveat, if they live long enough. The first is where you think you know everything. The second is when you fell like you don’t know anything and if you are blessed, you come to a time when you are sure that you know some things. This final stage is the vantage point that King David is sharing from. Not judging a moment, hour, day, year, but the breathe of the ocean of time – godliness has its rewards and God will give you companions to live, walk and work with. When you get ready to leave this world you won’t wish for more stuff. You will wish for family, friends and for God Himself! From an advanced state of years I can tell you that David is not making a promise that people won’t forsake you. I promise you that they will. They did it to Jesus and you not I are not greater than Jesus. Promise as they will, if you live long enough you are going to find that only a few will not forsake you after they have used whatever resources you have that they need. My experience as a pastor is much the same as a father whose children stay at home until the point of return breaks even. Once their need for you is less than your need for them, you will find yourself in the company of only a few. The aged should have something to say to our youth, but I find in these verses of Scripture an important word for young and old alike. David says, (my paraphrase) “Be righteous and you will not be forsaken, by some and God will always send others into your life so that you are not ultimately forsaken.” Don’t be dismayed when people forsake you. It is a sign of immaturity and self-reliance. Even when God puts people in your life – they will often forsake you. Don’t blame that on the Lord, if they will not fulfill His plan, He will send someone who will. We can stop our part of His plan but we cannot stop His plan! PRAYER: Father God, I pray for our youth for the wisdom to live rightly according to Your Word. I pray for the wise that they would become wiser still and live by their word, persistent, faithful and loyal to their commitment and Your voice. COMMITMENT: To be a man of my word, persistent, faithful and loyal to God and man. To not allow the inconsistency of men to discourage me to the point of despair. To never forsake the righteous. The greater their need the greater will be my commitment to them.

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