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  1. Hello!  I’m glad to see that you didn’t get stuck on the first page of our web site.  Now, I want to share with you a little more about the general information ideas I cued up on the “Welcome Page”.  And just in case I haven’t said it enough, Welcome!

    We want the “cookies on the table”.  We don’t want to hide the “goodies” in a web vault where they are hard to find.

    First, I want to give you some grief descriptions of our ministry, then an invitation to learn even more.  This might be called and introduction to all things Open Arms.

  2. What to expect the first time you visit Open Arms.

    I assure you it will be “church as usual”.  Just not church the way you usually see it.

    Apple computer coined an acronym (You’ll find we like to use them to keep as “secret passwords”. Only they are not secret.)  It was, “WYSIWYG”, or “What You See Is What You Get”.

    We are very, “WYSIWYG”.  “WYSIWYG” Church as defined by Open Arms means that we do church the same way we do the rest of our lives.  No pretend, no acting, just real life.

    We dress the same, act the same and worship the same as we do anywhere else.  What good is dressing, talking and acting differently than you do the rest of the week on Sundays?   Jesus lived His faith and He  taught His disciples to do the same.

    Our worship is from our hearts so don’t expect a dry, stale, formal, lifeless package ordered service here.  As a matter of fact I don’t normally call it a “service”, I prefer to call it a celebration.

    We clap and raise our hands if we feel like it.  That is the point, we worship the Lord based on two principles.  First, whatever we do we try to do it the Bible way.  Second, we want to fulfill the “Great Commandment” in our worship.  It goes something like this.  “Love the Lord with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength”.

    Worship is “Job One”.  The Bible teaches that God is actually seeking those who are worshippers.  He demands those who worship Him do it in “Spirit and Truth”.  These two very important principles are at the very core of our encounters with a Holy God.

  3. Do they let just anybody into this place?

    Yep!  But if you’re gonna stay your going to have to keep the peace.

    If you are interested in becoming a member (and who wouldn’t, such fine people and all) there is a little more to it.

    We welcome any and everyone who knows Christ, or better who Christ knows to become members in our “forever family” at Open Arms.

    I have developed a workshop to prepare people for church membership.  We make sure that each member understands salvation and has personally received Jesus into their lives.  We call it (Remember I said I liked acronyms) A.C.T.S. level 1.  “Accelerated Christian Training Seminar level 1”.

    We cover the importance or Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  Then, I share our church’s Beliefs and Vision as well as explain our relationship to other churches.

    This way if you become a member of Open Arms you will know who we are, what we believe, where we are going as well as our plan for getting there.

  4. That’s cool, I’m saved but how do I go about learning the basics?

    I just happen to have another class specifically designed to meet that need.  Acronyms again, A.C.T.S. level 2.  “Accelerated Christian Training Seminar level 2”.

    In A.C.T.S. 2 I teach the “habits” that are necessary to a believer to have a strong and stable foundation for their Christian lives.  I emphasis the word “habits” because that is exactly what you want to be able to respond automatically to these primary Christian principles.

    The session include, “How to Read the Bible”,  “How to Develop a Prayer Life”, “Learning to Fellowship with God’s People” and “Becoming a Good Steward of the Things of God”.

  5. What are the opportunities for me to get involved and do something?

    Wow!  “Great minds think alike”.  It just so happens that I have another workshop for that very purpose.

    We call it, A.C.T.S. level 3.  “Accelerated Christian Training Seminar level 3”.  It’s all about finding your S.H.A.P.E. for ministry.  The word ministry in the Bible is the same word and “to serve” or “service”.

    God’s Word says that we have all been given gifts to use for the good of the whole “Body of Christ”.  You are included.  The Lord has purposed you for something special.  You can make a real difference and you can do it at Open Arms.

    In this seminar you will learn what your “Spiritual Gifts” are, where your heart is, what you are able to do, as well as how your personality and experiences have brought you to this place for a purpose.

6. Isn’t there something we should all be doing? Wow, another incredible question.  And you know right?  Yeah, thats right, I have another workshop just to help you learn to share your faith.  It’s called A.C.T.S. level 4, and its all about evangelism.

Sharing the good news of the gospel with a lost world.  I sure am glad someone shared Christ with me and I know you are just as happy that someone did with you as well.

I am now sixty-one (61) years old.  Yep, people still get that old  but I never would have without Jesus in my life.  I hope I have gotten the opportunity to share my story (testimony) with you by now.

My point is this, even at my age I have still never had anyone share the truth about my sin and God’s love through Christ with me outside the confines of a church building.

Almost half of the people alive on the planet today have never heard the good news about Jesus Christ.  We have the message and we must take it to them.  Our obligation is greater than that of a doctor or a fireman.  We have the message to rescue the world from hell.  (Yeah, I believe in hell.  By the way be sure to read the page about the seven essential beliefs)

We have used several different plans and still do, but our main focus is on a seminar called, “The Way of the Master”. It will help you learn to share your faith without fear and without a lot of memorization.

7. Tender Loving Care Groups. (T.L.C.s)

We have a small group ministry that meets in homes for the purpose of fellowship and maturity.  Check the web calendar or the church calendar to find one to attend.

8. Bible School for all ages.

Sunday School is the backbone of Christian education.  I thank God for the growth I experienced personally studying God’s Word with anointed teachers.  And, for the tremendous growth I have found in being a teacher.

Bible School starts at 9:30 am every Sunday Morning.

9. Wednesdays are Special at Open Arms.

Every Wednesday of the month there is something different and wonderful going on at Open Arms.  On the First Wednesday we have Worship and a “Fellowship Dinner” in our dining room.  Its a blast.

On the second Wednesday of the month we have “Family Night”.  “Men 4 Real” meets in the gym.  Right now and for the next year I will be continuing a study of the “Characteristics of a Man of God”.

The women are studying “the Woman of Worth” and our children are being ministered to by one of our employees so all of our adults can receive ministry on that evening.

The third Wednesday evening is “KIDS Night”.  Everything we do revolves around children.  Our mascot “Judah”, “Dr. Bucky” and “Dr. John” always have something stirred up for me to have to fix.  Its a great time for the whole family.  Don’t miss it.

The fourth Wednesday evening is “Konnections”.  We celebrate the church universal while standing in the present we take a glance at the past and gaze into the future.  On this night we keep two of the commandments of our Lord for all Christians.  We celebrate Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Four times a year there are five Wednesdays in a month.  When this happens we have another special “Fellowship Dinner” especially dedicated to those who have been saved, baptized or become members of Open Arms.

Do you know what the Lord wants you to do, or are you ready to do something until you find out?

We need help in almost every area of our ministry.  Please, don’t wait for someone to ask you.  Some of God’s doors say “knock”.  If you don’t find something right away don’t give up.  Some of the Lord’s doors say “push”.

The whole world is riding on us getting the job done.  I am asking you to help me do it.

If you are interested in an area of ministry don’t think that it might be the devil.  He doesn’t want you to server anyone but him.  Don’t think it might just be you.  Come on, don’t you know by now that we are too selfish and lazy to come up with ministry idea our own selves.

Trust God and let Him use you to make a difference.  The world and the church need you.  God’s counting on you and so am I.

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